Terminal Zero – 3h pack


  • All inclusive 3 hours for 1680€ (560€/h)
  • 3 hours of tunnel time
  • 3 hours of coaching time (most likely with a local coach)
  • 3 nights of accommodation
  • Transfer from the airport


  • Validity: 12 months from the moment the borders and the tunnels open (please follow us for updates on this matter)
  • Accommodation: you will be sharing an apartment with other flyers; the apartment can accommodate 14 people and is situated approximatelly 15 minutes away by car from the tunnel, so you will need to rent/use personal car for transportation to the tunnel
  • Food: not included. Terminal Zero offers very good and cheap meals at the tunnel restaurant; on top of that, the tunnel is situated next to a big mall with various options for both healthy and fast foods.
  • All flying levels are expected!

Fun activities near the tunnel:

There is a trampoline park right in front of the tunnel inside the commercial centre. Name of the park is Extreme Park and they have even a Ninja Warrior track.

Their webpage https://extreme-park.com

Their Facebook page reveals more photos https://facebook.com/extremeparkES/

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