Windobona Berlin 1h + coaching by Lena Reeker


  • Location: Windobona Berlin
  • Coach: Lena Reeker
  • Price: 549€/h
  • Validity: this offer is valid until 07.05. and the tunnel time can be flown until 04.08.


About tunnel:

Windobona Berlin is a 14ft ISG tunnel, which means it brings you the smoothest air on the market and the most quiet surrounding. More info on


About coach:

In 2014 I decided to spend some time in Namibia. I got a really cool internship on a horse farm for 6 months. At the end of the internship, the farmers told me to take a week of holiday in Swakopmund, a small town on the coast of Namibia. When I got there I heard about a dropzone and signed up for a tandem. It was epic! That day I just didn’t leave the dropzone. I was way too busy drinking with the staff there and went for a partynight with them. Since there were still a few days left of my vacation I asked them to show me how to pack the day after. Of course they talked me into doing a course. So on day 3 I went through theory for static line. And shortly before I had to leave back to the farm I did my very first static line jump. I knew I had to keep jumping, this was way too awesome! Through some really lucky circumstances I was able to extend my visa and stay for another four months. They taught me how to properly pack and I got a job at a local bar in the evenings. It was enough money to live in a small apartment and finish my first 100 jumps. 🙂

When I couldn’t extend my visa anymore I got pretty sad, I just didn’t feel like going back to Germany yet. But if one door closes another one opens. I heard about Windobona Wien looking for someone to work in customer service. So two months after I returned from Namibia I was already working in Vienna. It’s not always easy for customer service to fly but I was really trying to spend as much time as possible in the wind. When I realized that it’s much easier to spend time in the tube as an instructor, I signed up for an Instructor course in Poland. When I got back to Windobona Wien, I kept coming in before my customer service shifts and did groups of the instructors to learn how everything is working. And then after 2 years of customer service I got a job as an instructor at Windobona Berlin. Since then I am super happy to just be in the wind much more. It’s amazing to share this awesome feeling and sport with others and to explore it myself. 🙂

Since then I also started to jump more, do team training, fun jumps and some load organizing as well 🙂

No. of tunnel hours: 650+

  • coaching: 450+
  • training 200+

No.of jumps: 950+

For the past two years I participated in both Indoor and Outdoor Competitions. I like the challenge of it and also working towards a goal in flying. Indoor I’m competing mostly in freestyle, but I also participated in one Dynamic 2way tournament and I was training with an awesome team for dynamic 4way for the 2020 German nationals. Outdoor I participated in one freestyle competition, but in 2019 we put a lot of effort in freefly training with the FREIFLVG Team (

These are the competitions that I participated until now:

  • German Indoor Skydiving Nationals 2018: 1st in Freestyle 8th Dynamic 2way
  • Freestyle Cup Windobona Wien 2018: 3rd Freestyle
  • German skydiving nationals 2018: 1st Freestyle
  • Double Dutch Indoor Skydiving 2018: 3rd Freestyle
  • German Indoor skydiving nationals 2019: 2nd international ranking and 1st national ranking freestyle
  • Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2019: participation
  • German Skydiving Nationals 2019: 2nd Freefly
  • Belgian Indoor Skydiving Open 2019: 4th Freestyle

These are the competitions that were planned for 2020, but got moved or cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation:

  • German Indoor Skydiving Nationals 2020
  • Indoor Skydiving World Cup 2020
  • World Cup Tanay 2020
  • German Skydiving Nationals 2020: Maybe still happening in September 🙂


Hotels near the tunnel:


Restaurants near the tunnel:

Berlin offers all kinds of amazing restaurants and these are the ones recommended by Lena:

  • If you want to go without a plan you should definitely check out Boxhagener Platz ( and Simon Dach Strasse ( All kinds of different restaurants are lined up right next to each other. Lots of Variety! I love it!
  • Saporito (Saporito on Trip Advisor) – an Italian with super original and tasty food. They don’t serve pizza in the main restaurant, but they have the most amazing kind of noodles, meat and whine. I recommend to make a reservation before you go there. Phone number: +49 (0)30 60930450
  • Vegan 1990 (Vegan 1900 on Trip Advisor). Really creative vegan food and drinks. I recommend to make a reservation before you go there. Phone number: +49 (0)30 85614761
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