Suz Padma

I really can recommend you to get your coaching with Matti Miilumäki 😎👌 I’m so happy that I found a coach who is not only awesome in explaining how to fly and get me into the right body positions, but also is so enthusiastic about teaching 😍

It’s pure happiness when after reaching a goal your coach is actually jumping around and smiling as big as you just because he’s so happy for you!
And his patience doesn’t know an end…and that’s freaking important sometimes 
If you fly with Matti Miilumäki fun in the tunnel is guaranteed next to a high improvement in your flying skills 🙃
Any more you can wish for? 😉

Flippo Fuchs

If you ever get the chance to meet and fly with Lena Reeker – do it!☝️She’s not only an amazing human being but also a fantastic coach. She really knows how to keep you motivated and push you at the same time and gets at least as much excited about your individual progress as you do. 🤘😃 Bonus: her smile is priceless! Can’t wait to fly with her again soon. 🙃

Tiago Vallejo

Matti Miilumäki is such a nice guy and even better professional! He really takes good care of you and of your learning process, making sure you progress nicely and keep track of your goals! With a positive attitude and good vibes all the time, he not only creates the perfect environment for you to learn, but also makes you feel welcome. I strongly recommend him!

Sabrina Vanslambrouck

I love flying with Lena Reeker! She’s always committed to develop and improve your skills – always safe, always fun, always worth it! 🙂

Ulrike Bünnemeyer

It‘s always great fun to fly with Lena Reeker 💕 So talented in teaching new skills – thanks a lot. Looking forward to the next camp! 😍🚀

Daniel Plumpe

Lena Reeker will give you a lot of special moments with her unique smile, while she is pushing your skills. Progress without even noticing the hard work is what makes her a great coach 💪

Saphira Kempa

Lena Reeker is really talented in Coaching.. you can kinda read her eyes/thoughts while flying , huge fun ♥️ Love this Page Her3 😍♥️